The Pridea Sales team are a passionate group of individuals who work tirelessly to ensure that you will achieve the best price for your property with as little stress as possible. At Pridea we have some unique marketing strategies that complement our original company values.

At Pridea we have always been focused on ensuring that our levels of customer service are the highest they can be. As a company we really value your business and it would give us an enormous sense of Pridea pride if we were given the opportunity to sell your property. Your property can often be the biggest single purchase you will ever make and the Pridea team understand the passion you have for your home and investment.

Bespoke Service

The sales team understand the importance of providing you with an honest appraisal of your property. We want to reward the trust you place in us by achieving you the best sale price possible whilst pricing your property competitively. Pridea sales are an independent company who do not have the same commercial restrictions as larger national companies, and as such are able to offer bespoke services with a range of products at a highly competitive price to make sure we can cater for every client’s needs.


Pridea Sales professionals work closely with our well-developed Lettings team who have in-depth knowledge of Buy to Let investments along with the legislation that surrounds the HMO and Article 4 licencing criteria. We work with investors on a daily basis including those looking to add to portfolios, those just starting out and are in search of their first purchase and also those ready to sell. Pridea property professionals can support your investment by offering knowledge, experience and support throughout the process. At Pridea we can provide specialist marketing strategies which enable our company to have an advantage over our competitors.


Our fees reflect the services provided, as an independent business Pridea are able to support your sale by offering option packages that suit individual requirements - including; traditional methods of sale, modern auction services, professional photographs and floorplans, virtual tours and much more. If you are thinking of selling your property, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Pridea Sales where you will be warmly welcomed for a friendly, informal chat to discuss your property and our range of services.